SunnLab will be closed in week 29 (19-23. July)

About us

SunnLab is located in Førde on the west coast of Norway, 170 km North of Bergen. SunnLab is a well established laboratory within the areas water, environment and nutricial products. We carry out services for small and big customers within businesses like offshore industry, public and private water plants, fish farming, agriculture and manufacturers of nuctricial products. 

SunnLab have good facilities for most kind of analyzis, but can also utilize our network in Labforum in order for you as a customer to get acces to more types of analysis. Our staff do have great knowledge within their professional fields, and they are all experienced within most challenges that may occure.


SunnLab is accredited by Norwegian Accreditation with registration number Test 114.  See our accredited analyzis and dokument at

SunnLab are a member of LABforum, which is a national organisation where we can use other member labs for the analysis that we do not carry out ourselves.

Offshore Services

SunnLab do carry out sample taking and analysis for supply boats and offshore installations, and are able to step in on short notice if necessary.